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Webcams 5--WORLD

Webcams 1: Lincoln, Omaha, Minneapolis, Sioux City, Bird Feeder
Webcams 2: USA EAST--New Hampshire, Vermont, New York City, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Florida
Webcams 3: USA CENTRAL--Michigan, Chicago, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Fargo, Aspen
Webcams 4: USA WEST--San Francisco, Sequoia, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Denver, Alaska
Webcams 5: WORLD--assorted
Webcams 6: WORLD--France, Germany, Antarctica
Webcams 8: MOUNTAINS--Colorado, Idaho, California, Montana, Nevada
Webcams 9: Cruise Ships
Fall Foliage Webcams

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Newfoundland, Canada
St. John's Harbor. Time difference: +2.

Aruba, in the Caribbean
Bucuti Beach. Time difference: +3.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Overtoom Street. Time difference: +6.

Kristianstad. Sweden
Time difference: +7.

Paris, France
The Eiffel Tower. Time difference: +7.

Rome, Italy
The Area Sacra: ruins of four ancient Roman temples, and the spot where Julius Caesar was killed. Time difference: +7.

Hoenefoss, Norway
About 45 minutes north of Oslo. Time difference: +7.

Jerusalem, Israel
Northwestern horizon. Time difference: +8.

Santorini, in the Greek Islands.
Time difference: +8.

Cairo, Egypt
Pyramids at Giza. Time difference: +8.

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