Anderson/Hatgidakis/Nelson/Metcalf: Oscars 2000

Oscar results -- March, 2000
Best Picture: "American Beauty"
Winners: Gary/John and Erika

Here are the year 2000 Oscar results. It was an exciting race, with Amanda in the lead until the very end.

The winners are: Gary and John at 13 correct picks each (out of 23 categories).

We discussed how we would share the trophy...

...and finally decided John will keep it through the end of October, and I will keep it til next year's Oscars.

Last year's winner...

...gave up the trophy gracefully.

The Irving G. Thalberg Award (which does not have a trophy, but does allow the winner to make a long speech to whoever will listen) goes to Donna who, out of the top six categories, correctly predicted Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. (Best Actress threw just about everybody -- only Grandma, Emily and Tristen correctly predicted a Hilary Swank win.)

In the Under 17 category, congratulations to: Erika! with 7 correct picks.

Thanks to everybody who played along this year. See you next year!

(Number of correct picks out of 23 categories)
13   Gary/John
12   Amanda
11   Donna
10   Marsha
 9   Zachary
 8   Grandma
 8   Paul
 7   Erika
 7   Lori
 7   Ryan
 6   Karen
 6   Lindsey
 5   Anna
 4   Samantha
 4   Tristen
 3   Emily
This year we began voting in all 23 categories, so we would have something riding on each envelope. These obscure categories are tougher to pick, and naturally we'll see a drop in our percentages. So totalling all the results of the past three years, here are the standings, in order of percentage of correct picks:
60%     Gary
58%     John
53%     Grandma
53%     Donna
49%     Amanda
49%     Marsha
47%     Zachary
47%     Paul
43%     Lori
36%     Ryan
34%     Karen
32%     Lindsey
28%     Samantha
25%     Emily
24%     Erika
21%     Anna
17%     Tristen